Hubbe City


The place where soccer lovers meet in the Metaverse! Welcome to Hubbe City!

Hubbe City is a decentralized virtual soccer universe powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Within the Hubbe platform, users can live the same experiences as a real soccer player on the rise.
Hubbe's immersive and virtual universes are finite and traversable called LANDS, they are non-fungible digital assets held in an Ethereum smart contract. Lands are divided into shards that must belong to members of the Hubbe community. These digital properties can be acquired with HUBBE, the token that mediates the various interactions present in Hubbe City. This gives users full control over the environments and creates various forms of monetization and enjoyment.
A virtual world that provides users with the ability to own terrains. Users can acquire a finite amount of land, when buying it, they can reside or build sports-related ventures. The next step is to allow users to create a club, manage a team, join the league system to compete in different competitions and get rewarded. Users can buy assets (NFTs) like stadiums and earn tokens by hosting events in them.

Hubbe City Assets:

  • NFT Avatar Avatar is different from ordinary players as the NFT Player's ability and performance score remains stable. Also, there are no season limits for NFT Players, this means that if you own the NFT Player, you can always use that player in your squad. This is a huge benefit for users to avoid spending time and money to keep players performing at high levels.
  • NFT player The player is one of the essential assets in Soccer City. Users can create, develop soccer players and start participating in tournaments after having a training center. Players will be created with zero skill and performance scores. Users will be able to develop players by exploring the improvement of e-athletes skills and get more performance from their team.
  • NFT lands NFT land will be the main asset as users can buy land to build their soccer club or create a business on their land instead of a club. Users can buy different business and start earning tokens. Users can sell their land on the Marketplace whenever they want. Users are free to set the price of land.
  • Possessions NFT stadiums provide passive income to their holders in Hubbe City. There will be a limit on the number of stadiums, so owning a stadium will be a challenge. Users can rent the stadium to club owners and event organizers. The stadium owner can explore numerous ways to get a return on his property.
  • Money ($HUBBE) An Ethereum-based ERC-20 token will be used as the default currency among users to standardize their exchanges and to promote monetary intermediation within the Hubbe City universe.