Hubbe City

Hubbe City Rules

- What is?

The unconventional initial offering format adopted by HUBBE and its technical team is inspired by Launchpads-type fundraising platforms to ensure democratic and anti-whales distribution among HUBBE token holders. Everything has been designed so that the offer remains limited and participants with any amount ​​can buy the token, without a great disparity between them and in a way that a limit of tokens per user is established in each round of HUBBE tokens offer.

- How it works?

The initial HUBBE token offering will take place in four asset allocation rounds lasting only 24 hours each. Participants willing to obtain $HUBBE tokens at this launch stage must have at least US$10 in assets accepted by the platform (USDT, ETH, BTC) allocating them as proof of interest in obtaining tokens. A distribution calculation will be applied to ensure an equal distribution among the participants, with the remaining amounts being returned to the user.

- How to participate?

Once you have allocated your amounts to “Commit your assets”, they will be temporarily locked for up to 48 hours and cannot be redeemed until the end of the asset allocation rounds to obtain $HUBBE tokens. After deducting the corresponding amount from your allocated assets and distributing the tokens to the user's account, your remaining assets will be available for allocation in new rounds and can be withdrawn in full at the end of 4 rounds. During the bidding rounds, participants must pay attention to bids that will not support different assets in a single allocation, so those who are going to allocate different assets must make more than one bid during the 24 hour period. Any remaining balance not corresponding to a purchase of tokens will be credited to the account again. This balance can either be allocated in new rounds or redeemed at the end of all subsequent rounds.

- How is the distribution calculated?

Given the size of tokens per round and its given number of participants, we can measure the maximum amount of tokens that can be obtained for each participant, the amount allocated in assets becomes a variable that demonstrates the relevance that each participant has taking into account the entire amount collected. With all this data collected, the platform has up to 48 hours to determine the distribution of HUBBE tokens to all participants.
If you still have questions or need support, please contact us by email: [email protected]