Hubbe City
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The initial objective for the HUBBE token is to promote the greatest decentralization of holders and users possible, so three rounds of Crowdsale will be offered to the community in a democratic way and with limited values ​​per participant.
  • Reserves: the purpose of reserves is to maintain funds to fuel the rewards and incentives economy within the HUBBE CITY metaverse;
  • Team: the distribution of tokens to developers and contributors will have a blocking period of 24 months;
  • Community: the allocation of tokens to the community and stake holders will have a blocking period of 24 months;
  • Airdrop: Token airdrops will happen strategically in the launch phase of the HUBBE universe.

Initial distribution of HUBBE tokens:

  • 38.00% is allocated to Crowdsale
  • 25.00% HUBBE Reservations
  • 18.00% is allocated to Team and Initial Collaborators
  • 17.00% is allocated to Community and Partners
  • 2.00% AirDrop