Hubbe City


1 - How will I retrieve my HUBBE tokens to a wallet with ERC-20 support?

After the end of the initial offering rounds, all participants that have acquired any HUBBE token amounts will be able to claim them through the same platform used for purchase. Users in repository will be asked to inform an ERC-20 valid address, where tokens will be transferred as per the token delivery plan informed in this document.

2 - When will I be able to claim my HUBBE tokens to a wallet with ERC-20 support?

The retrieval of HUBBE tokens obtained through initial offering will be available after the delivery of 1st phase described on the project’s roadmap set for Q4 2023. Retrieval will be released gradually to avoid a large scale token dump, protecting the investments of those who believed in our project.

3 - What is the maximum supply of HUBBE tokens?

Maximum supply will be defined according to the number of token offering buyers for each round. At the end of every round, the maximum available supply info will be released along with the token contract address of issued tokens.

4 - What is the minimum amount required for a deposit to purchase our tokens?

Minimum amount required is US$10 for users to charge their wallets with any available asset.

5 - What is the minimum amount required for bidding every round?

A valid bidding requires committing at least US$10 to any of the available assets.

6 - Can I bid more than once on the same allocation round?

Yes, the only required rule in this case will be the maximum period of 24hrs available for every round.

7 - Can I make more than one deposit into the same address indicated by the platform?

NO, AND BE CAREFUL ABOUT THAT. Every single deposit address is unique and in any way must be reutilized for a second transaction. Be aware and ensure you are doing the entire deposit process all over again, so you won’t miss your funds every time you make a deposit.

8 - How can I proceed to make bidding for different assets on the same allocation round?

This is perfectly possible. All you need to do is make different bidding for every different asset you would like to allocate.

9 - How will I know the token amounts I have been able to purchase after bidding?

At the end of every token offering round, platform will indicate up to 48 hours what’s the token amounts acquired through your bidding. The remaining amounts will be credited back into your account for a new bidding on the next round.