Hubbe City


There is no other sport with more passionate fans than soccer. There are currently over 3 billion people who follow soccer games, clubs and players around the world. You can hear fans screaming and singing for your team wherever you are. Being a true fan or enthusiast of this sport can be very exciting, unfortunately the experiences made for this giant and engaged audience of people have been restricted and static for some decades. Soccer fans are limited to being mere spectators and can only follow games on television or attend stadiums. Hubbe City is ushering in a new chapter for sports lovers who want to feel a real, never-before-seen experience.
“Hubbe City is where soccer lovers meet in the Metaverse.”
We are building a fully immersive soccer experience. Hubbe City uses the best infrastructure in the blockchain universe to ensure the security and integrity of the assets present in the metaverse: cryptocurrencies, NFTs and smart contracts.
Hubbe City is a virtual place where you can make your own soccer club and stadiums, play soccer with your friends in a virtual city, make money owning assets or managing a team, buy virtual lots, own a team and make it win Meta-tournaments.
Last modified 1yr ago